just random thoughts organized in these minimalist verses

What is love

What is love?

When you cook my favorite meal on the broken stove,

When you fly high up in the sky, for me to catch the fastest dove,

When is freezing cold and you put my hands in your glove.

What is love?

You and me… a sort of…

Fearless night

I’m drawing again
across the scars you carved into my soul
wishing new picture would arise
from that fearless night.

I’m drowning again, towards
the bottom of the ocean
wishing your salty lips to taste again
from that fearless night.

I’m drinking again,
all the light poured over your face
wishing darkness never disappear
from that fearless night.

I’m the brick of the house where your soul resides.

Each time you cutely sneeze

~ it’s my secret tease.

You gave me all that you are.

I gave you all that I am.

Now we can travel no matter how distant or far.

I stumbled upon something,

it was your humble heart.

Then I fell…

in love with you!